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Contract Kingdom offers more than 100 very affordable and fully customizable contract templates for small businesses and individuals. Many of our contracts are also available in discounted bargain bundles. And, if you don't see a contract template for your type of business, we can write one for you at the cost of a template – $24.99.

Contract Kingdom's contracts are negotiable in the U.S.A. and in most English-speaking countries. Many of our clients are attorneys, and all of our contracts are reviewed by an attorney. Our contract templates are written in simple English and they come in Word docs, so you don't have to convert from PDFs in order to use them. But, you will receive a free help PDF called "Contract Basics" to help you customize your contract template. Read our Customer Reviews, our FAQs, or look at a Sample Contract.

We ship our contract templates by E-mail within 24 hours – often within minutes. Once you purchase a contract template, you can contact us at any time for unlimited E-mail support, including custom language at no additional cost to you.

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