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Contract Kingdom offers more than 100 very affordable and fully customizable contract templates for small businesses and individuals. Many of our contracts are also available in heavily discounted bargain bundles. And, if you don't see a contract template for your type of business, we can write one for you at the cost of a template – $24.99.

Contract Kingdom's contracts are negotiable in the U.S.A. and in most English-speaking countries. Many of our clients are attorneys, and all of our contracts are reviewed by an attorney. Our contract templates are written in simple English and they come in Word docs, so you don't have to convert from PDFs in order to use them. But, you will receive a free help PDF called "Contract Basics" to help you customize your contract template. You can read answers to commonly asked questions or read our FAQs page.

We ship our contract templates by E-mail within 24 hours – often within minutes. Once you purchase a contract template, you can contact us at any time for unlimited E-mail support, including custom language at no additional cost to you.

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Advertising Insertion Order
Advertising Jingle Licensing Agreement
Animal Enclosure Design and Construction Contract
Aquatic Pond Design and Build Agreement
Aquatic Pond Maintenance Agreement
Arborist Agreement
Architectural Topographical Survey Agreement
Art Gallery Agreement
Art Licensing Agreement
Art Publishing Agreement
Assignment of Copyright and Other Rights Agreement
Audiobook Narration
Aviary Design and Construction Agreement
Book Publishing Agreement
Book Publishing Services Contract
Business Partnership Agreement
Carpentry Contract
Cat Boarding Agreement
Cat Sitting Agreement
Catering Agreement
Child Custody Agreement
Cleaning Services Contract
Cohabitation Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Consulting Agreement
Custody Agreement
Custom Songwriting Agreement
Dog Boarding Agreement
Dog Enclosure Design and Construction Contract
Dog Sitting Agreement
Domestic Partnership Agreement
Drip Irrigation Installation Contract
Editing Agreement
Employment Agreement
Engineering Agreement
Expert Witness Agreement
Fish Pond Design and Build Agreement
Fish Pond Maintenance Agreement
Florist Agreement
Flower Arrangement Agreement
Forms - Human Resource for Landscape Industry
Forms - Human Resource for Small Business
Forms - Interior Landscape
Forms - Landscape
Freelance Agreement for Creative Service Businesses
Freelance Artist Agreement
Freelance Writer Agreement
Genealogy Services Agreement
General Partnership Agreement
General Photographic Release Agreement
Graphic Design Agreement
Handyman Contract
Holiday Decorations Rental Agreement
Home Inspection Agreement
Horse Boarding Agreement
Human Resource Manual for Horticultural Industry
Human Resource Manual for Small Business
Independent Contractor Agreement for Landscape Industry
Independent Contractor Agreement for Small Business
Independent Sales Representative Agreement
Interior Design Agreement
Interior Landscape Design and Installation Agreement
Interior Landscape Lease and Maintenance Agreement
Interior Landscape Maintenance Accounts Sale and Acquisition Contract
Interior Landscape Maintenance Agreement
Interior Landscape Project Coordinator Agreement
Janitorial Service/Cleaning Contract
Jingle Agreement - Write for Hire
Jingle Licensing Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Landscape Architectural Design Agreement
Landscape Design-Build Contract
Landscape Design and Installation Contract
Landscape Installation Agreement
Landscape Irrigation Installation Contract
Landscape Lighting Installation Agreement
Landscape Maintenance Accounts Sale and Acquisition Contract
Landscape Maintenance Agreement
Landscape Project Coordinator Agreement
Last Will and Testament
Lawn Maintenance Agreement
Lawn-Sod-Hydroseed Installation Contract
Lease Agreement - Residential
Licensing Agreement - Advertising Jingle
Licensing Agreement - Art
Licensing Agreement - Product
Licensing Agreement - Recipe
Licensing Agreement - Software
Magazine Publishing Contract
Manufacturing Agreement
Marriage Agreement
Model Release Agreement
Night Lighting Installation Agreement
Non-Competition Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement for Software Development
Non-Solicitation Agreement
Outdoor Lighting Installation Agreement
Painting Contract
Parenting and Custody Agreement
Partnership Agreement
Personal Chef Agreement
Personnel Policy Manual for Horticultural Industry
Personnel Policy Manual for Small Business
Pet Boarding Agreement
Pet Enclosure Design and Construction Contract
Pet Care Agreement
Pet Sitting Agreement
Photography Agreement
Plant Rental Agreement - Short Term
Pond Design and Build Agreement
Pool-Spa-Water Feature Installation Contract
Premarital Agreement
Prenuptial Agreement
Private Chef Agreement
Product Licensing Agreement
Project Referral Fee Agreement
Recipe Licensing Agreement
Release Agreement - General Photographic
Release Agreement - Model
Rental Agreement - Residential
Rental Agreement - Room for Short Term Event
Residential Inspection Agreement
Residential Lease Agreement
Residential Rental Agreement
Room Rental Agreement - Short Term Event
Sales Representative Agreement
Salesperson Agreement
Short Term Event Room Rental Agreement
Snow Removal and De-Icing Agreement
Sod Installation Contract
Software Development Agreement
Software Licensing Agreement
Spa Installation Contract
Stables Boarding Agreement
Subcontractor Agreement for Landscape Industry
Subcontractor Agreement for Small Business
Subsidy Press Publishing Services Contract
Survey Agreement
Trade Secrets Agreement
Tree Service Agreement
Turfgrass Installation Contract
Water Feature Installation Contract
Web Site Design Services Contract
Will - Bequest
Will - Pourover
Will - Simple
Write for Hire Jingle Agreement